Blair Dixon,
Interior Architect

From an early age, Blair was always interested in art and drawing. She took her first art class at 6 years old and knew her love for the arts would only grow from there. By high school, Blair was enthralled in photography and was even exploring paint and mixed media work. She was even chosen to represent her school in a district-wide art show, an honor that made a lasting impression. “It was quite an amazing experience, to not only see my artwork up on a wall in a public place, but to see people stop to look at it, examine it and enjoy it!” She later studied Interior Design at FIDM, and received her BFA in Interior Architecture Design from the Academy of Art University.

As the Interior Architect at InHance Interiors, Blair is responsible for making sure floorplans and room elevations are properly executed. She creates spaces that are both physically balanced, and technically accurate. During the drawing phase, she will determine the physical layout of a space so that it’s tailored to fit the wants and needs of the client, but her work is also crucial for our design and construction teams as many of the finer details get hammered away on her desktop before construction ever breaks ground. Blair’s work is a fundamental piece to our process in making sure that our collaborators, architects, landscapers, and general contractor, are in the know so they can engineer and execute our client’s vision.

Blair was meant for the creative arts as her passion comes from her love and appreciation for the unassuming beauty found in nature. She can look at a stone, a tree, or the sky and find endless inspiration. Her favorite part about working in interior design is being able to bring elements of nature into a space that make people feel good. “Everyone deserves to live in a space that is healthy, stimulating, balanced, and unique.”