Daniela Benloulou, Designer / Project Manager

An LA native, Daniela grew up traveling the world, observing the styles that create the fabric of cultures around the world. With her affinity for all things global, she studied International Relations at the University of Southern California. Opting not to pursue law school, she returned to her lifelong passion by enrolling in the Interior Architecture master's program at UCLA. After some time learning the ropes of the hospitality design industry, she finally began fulfilling her ultimate dream of designing homes. Starting with friends and family, she slowly worked her up way from simply furnishing homes to fully renovating them.

Daniela’s creative vision and bubbly personality are well-balanced by her love of historical facts and broad knowledge of building design through the centruies. One of her favorite things about Los Angeles is its diversity of architecture. From the 1880s craftsman and Victorian era, through the 1930s Spanish Colonial Revival boom, and the mid century modern suburban expansion, Daniela is in daily awe of the character built into these homes. As a designer, she strives to keep architectural charm whenever possible, while, at the same time, maximizing interior layouts best suited for today’s needs.

With years of experience as an independent residential designer, Daniela’s greatest priority is fostering a strong relationship with her clients. As a Designer and Project Manager at InHance Interiors, she strives to treat homeowners as if they were her own family. Every step of the way, she’s in their corner, informing them of what is in their best interest. She takes a lot of care in selecting finishes and final touches that make each home unique and memorable.

She’s our go-to gal when considering fabrics and finishes for spaces with kids and pets, as she’s had plenty of experience getting her own items thrown through the ringer. As a design philosophy, Daniela adheres to the belief that whatever one’s personal story is, it should be reflected in their home, with exuberance. “We spend many years of our lives in our dwellings—these dwellings should make us happy, reflect our personalities and life stories, and, perhaps most of all, look fabulous.”