Grace Welis,Marketing
& Design Operations Assistant

I've had a passion for interior design and architecture since I was in elementary school; my one box diorama projects became three-story mini mansions with battery powered electricity, Christmas lights and paperclip chandeliers. I have always been creative, inventive, techie, and ingenious. After high school, I took the opportunity to travel and study abroad. I will never forget the exact moment I was in Florence, Italy sitting at an outside restaurant table sketching the famous Duomo and admiring all the beautiful architecture, embracing the history, and reminiscing the recently visited cities. It was there where my keen passion for interior design and architecture really sparked. I knew then that I needed to work in the design field. Soon after receiving my Bachelors Degree in Interior Design & Interior Architecture, I interned and worked as an interior designer for a few of the best firms in Los Angeles, CA. My professional background is also in Real Estate and Marketing, which have been a great benefit to me in the design world. My craft in interior design has flourished tremendously, and has allowed my techie-marketing skills to organically further develop. 

I gather inspiration from my travels to Italy, France, Western Europe, and Central America to fashion, architecture, and everyday surroundings. Hiking in the Los Angeles Mountains, taking in the glamorous LA nightlife, spending time with family and the effortless California beach lifestyle. All these things add to my design style and aesthetic. Possessing a lens with which to view unique style, it is a juxtaposition which allows me to transition seamlessly between contemporary and traditional visions; and the courage to contrast sometimes unexpected elements with verve and dynamism. My design style features unique materials, diverse furnishings, detailed custom texture and lighting innovations. I'd say I have a genuine passion for West European Traditional interiors. It has a sense of authenticity, a history, a story that is told in each piece of furniture, and art piece.

My marketing and design aesthetic competence is complemented by a broad and rigorous technological skill set, including the latest design programs, continuously researching design styles, and keeping up with social media trends. With this I am able to excel in managing the Marketing & Design Operations of the InHance Interiors office. Giving me  the opportunity to bring visions to life, making the co-creating process seamless and gratifying. I am a go-getter, problem solver, and answer finder. Overall I Love what I do! 

I am a Southern California native of European & Central American descent, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. I enjoy helping others and working with people. I have a positive outlook on life, and see every situation as an opportunity to learn.  Becoming a mom has given me much more motivation than I had before. After taking a long maternity leave and finally returning to the work field, I wanted to still work in the Interior Design world while still allowing me to utilize and tailor my overall skills sets to meet the needs of various clients.