inHance Interiors in the Press

We take great pride in our work and are honored to have it recognized in our industry, community and media. For press inquiries or interviews, please contact Bre Hance, Principal, by email at or phone at (323) 538-5912.


Iconic: The Shapes of Water

(August 2018) Top interior designers, including InHance Interiors, dive deep with water-inspired flourishes.  


Sherman Oaks: Bre, Brandon and Baron Hance. Of House and Home

(February 2018) If anybody knows how to make a house a home, it’s Bre Hance. Over the past year, the owner of InHance Interiors has shared her insights and wisdom on how to make a house a home, from personalized décor to the more functional elements of a room. However, Bre will be the first to tell you a neighborhood plays a role in making a family feel at home, whether its members have been there for decades or are new arrivals. She describes her neighborhood as a sanctuary, removed from the hustle and bustle associated with LA. 


Architectural Digest: Gorgeous Design- It’s All in the Details

(December 2017) With both of her parents in the home building industry, Bre Hance spent much of her childhood playing in model homes. What she didn’t realize then was that she was also soaking up the foundational elements of beautiful design. It was knowledge she’d find herself using again when she started designing a portfolio of high-end homes for her husband, a residential real estate developer. “It was really more of a hobby than anything else,” she says.


Studio City South: A Kitchen Update for the Holidays - The Ultimate Gift to Your Home! By Bre Hance / inHance Interiors

(October 2017) Is there such a thing as a perfect space for entertaining relatives over the holidays? Have you ever walked into your kitchen and suddenly felt dissatisfied with its old look and feel, cramped space, and lack of storage? Have you ever found yourself cooking alone while everyone is on the other side of the wall having fun in the family room? Well, I have felt dissatisfied with my kitchen for those same reasons, and think there is such a thing as a perfect space....


ADR 2017 Designer Series Lineup: Designers Making a Mark in the Interior Design Industry.

(July 2017) There are some great stand outs about your Communication that I really do value and appreciate from your website! What made you take a different approach rather than solely focusing on the creative aspect, you designed a website that is client friendly and transparent with your values?


Voyage LA: Meet Bre Hance of InHance Interiors in BeverLy Boulevard

(June 2017) It started for me at an early age, while growing up in Tempe, Arizona and spending time on job sites and in model homes with my dad who was a residential painting and drywall contractor; and with my mother who was a project manager for a custom home builder...


Studio City Neighbors: Bre Hance - A Product Of Her Environment

(June 2017) Bre Hance’s fascination with home design began in early childhood. She spent her spare time in her native Tempe, AZ on job sites and in model homes with her father, a residential painting and drywall contractor, and mother, a project manager for a custom homebuilder. These spaces were her playground growing up, shaping her passion for style and taste...