Hourly Rate & Billing Cycles

InHance Interiors operates on an hourly basis with a billable rate of $225 at the Senior Designer/Principal level. When visiting a project over 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles, an additional $75 per hour fee is charged for drive time. InHance Interiors’ Junior Designers are billed at $150 an hour when working independently on your project sourcing materials, creating CAD documents or product specifications worksheets, visiting the job site for walk-throughs, or visiting a showroom. 

hourly rates can seem daunting.

The team at InHance Interiors understands when a client does not have transparency into how much time will be involved for their particular project, it can be overwhelming. Therefore, after the initial consultation to discuss your wishes and scope, InHance Interiors will be able to offer an estimate of the billable time it will take to complete the project. Clients can be assured of the relative accuracy of hourly projections because of the team’s extensive design experience with various clients and project scopes. The hourly estimated range accounts for not only the design work, but client appointments, moderate re-selections, detailed drawings (if the project calls for it) and site visits.

We start with an initial consultation.

The rate for an initial consultation is $225 per hour, with a two hour minimum. The consultation includes discussion on the scope of work, project ideas, and a presentation of InHance Interiors tiered design services. If you decide to move the project along with InHance Interiors, the team will draft a design agreement for you within 72 hours of the initial consultation. The design agreement discusses the construction scope of work, design costs, rates, billing cycles and payment details. Once you return the design agreement with the required retainer, InHance Interiors will initiate the design process within two weeks or less. Retainers are determined by each project based on the total estimated scope of work and are later applied to the final invoice. 

invoicing & Discounts.

Hourly fees are calculated and clients are invoiced at the end of each month. Furniture, furnishings and services are sold to clients at retail (suggested retail or suggested market value) less 50% of any discount (suggested wholesale); where the discount is greater than 10%. In other words, discounts are shared between InHance Interiors and the client when the discount is greater than 10%. All invoices are payable upon receipt.